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Anil K George: On Rudrangshu Mukherjee

“The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.”

-William Arthur Ward

In the past, I have had many mediocre teachers, few good teachers, even fewer superior teachers and a handful of great ones. I came in to the Young India Fellowship Programme with an open mind and a simple hope to be inspired. As a term of meaningful and deeply engaging sessions come to a close, I can proudly say that I had the opportunity to learn from be inspired by RudrangshuMukherjee. I am certain that the 99 other Fellows who rose up today as mark of respect through the thundering applause share this pride.

Right from Day 1, we were humbled by his extraordinary memory and meticulous preparation. Yes, the class was about the Reasons and Making of Modern India.But, little did he hesitate when the doubts raised by the Fellows ranged from the History of Syrian Orthodox Christians to topics more personal to him. Such a digression can only be attributed to his willingness to help coupled with his elaborate knowledge on various subject matters.

He taught us that everything happens for a reason. History is not about hero worship and each event can only be really understood when contextualised. He ironically (as intended by him) closes saying, “Finally, History has no finality.” Through his subtle jokes and exciting narratives, he has won the hearts of 100 more fellows today. We are deeply thankful to you Sir for this transformative educational experience, or should I say this ‘moment of epiphany’.

AnilGeorge, YIF Fellow, 2014

September2, 2013

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