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Sudarshana Chanda, Fellow, YIF on Professor Jonathan Gil Harris

There’s something about Professor Jonathan Gil Harris that makes you want to sit in the front bench.Here I feel inclined to paraphrase a popular quote from The Dreamers. It’s probably because he makes you feel like “one of the insatiables.” “Maybe it is because you want to receive the images first when they are still new, still fresh.”

And that’s what strikes you about his indomitable style of teaching. Much like a magician or a ring master, he gallops, dances around, and makes rather dramatic gestures to transport us to the world of Shakespeare. His use of language is so imagistic, it evokes vivid pictures in your head, and with the twirl and swish of his invisible wand, he swirls them around in your head till you start feeling hungry, eager to devour more, and you find yourself leaning forward in your chair with your hand perpetually raised to add to this dramatic, mad,chaotic discussion that may seem like ‘noise’ to any outsider but to us, is profound and beautiful. 

Sudarshana Chanda

Fellow, YIF, 2013

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