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YIF Exchange Programme at Sciences Po: Sakshi Mohan, Fellow YIF, Class of 2014

A bit of a Francophile, I had my eye on the exchange programme at Sciences Po even before I joined the Young India Fellowship(YIF) and, fortunately enough, here I am in "La Ville-Lumi? re" (the city of light) half a year after the start of YIF.

The exchange programme, however, offers much more than a means to explore France and French culture. Sciences Po with its wide array of engaging courses, an international student community and an innumerable number of extra-curricular activities to engage in, makes this opportunity as brilliant as it is. What is more, is the diverse faculty that one gets to interact with here. A student of Economics in India, I had access only to theoretical knowledge of the discipline during the three years of my undergraduate education. To learn courses such as ‘Infrastructure and Project Finance’  from a Senior Banker at the European Investment Bank and ‘Financial Economics’ from a former Vice Governor of Banquede France and member of the Board of International Settlements is a different experience for me altogether.

The only flipside to the amazing opportunity is the living expenses in Paris. This is where the Charpak Scholarship comes to the rescue in more ways than one. Apart from the seemingly VIP treatment Abhinav Soman my YIF fellow-mate and I received upon our arrival in Paris with a pre-arranged pick-up from the airport and stay at a hotel in a prime area,  Campus France arranged for accommodation for us at the CIUP campus, one of the most sought after student accommodations in Paris and at significantly reduced monthly rent. And being the student-friendly country that it is, France offers several ways, to make the life of a student comfortable and affordable, that are just waiting to be discovered. 

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