Course Structure


  • The year-long YIF Programme is delivered over 8 terms, where each term lasts for 6 weeks
  • Each course is taught for 10 classes of 2 hours each. The final deliverables differ from course to course and Fellows are expected to meet their individual and team deliverables by the stated deadlines
  • Project work under Experiential Learning Module (ELM), which comprises of 3 credits starts in Term 2 and continues alongside the regular courses for the remaining 5 terms. There will be 2-week long ELM breaks during the year designated exclusively for ELM project work
  • Please refer to the YIF Academic Calender 2015-16 as an indicative of the structure of the year at the Young India Fellowship on this link


The courses taught at YIF differ every year owing to the fact that most of our Faculty is Visiting Faculty from Internationally renowned Universities and Institutions. Nonetheless, there are some core courses which are repeated every year and it is mandatory for all Fellows to complete these courses

Mentioned below is the list of courses that are being taught in the current year and the courses that have been taught in the previous years. Please refer to the list as indicative of courses that will be taught in the coming year, along with new additions

Fellows Speak