Farha Noor

Farha Noor teaches Critical Writing at the Young India Fellowship. Through her course, she wishes to equip students with reading and writing abilities directed towards a critical approach to reading texts in and across various genres. Previously Farha worked as a Senior Writing Tutor at the Centre for Writing and Communication at Ashoka. She also taught graduate courses at JNU. 

Farha’s research interests cover a range of congruent areas like Genre Studies, Gender Studies, Modes of Self-Writing, Performatives and Representations of the Self. She studied Literature at the University of Calcutta (Honours) and Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi (Masters). She completed her MPhil in Literature from the Centre for English Studies at JNU for which she conducted extensive research on the writings and letters of Alys Faiz, the English wife of legendary Urdu Poet Faiz Ahmed Faiz, focusing on her letters to Faiz in prison. Farha is currently pursuing her PhD from JNU and is working towards a reassessment of the Progressive Writers’ Movement through a literary analysis of the writings of wives of noteworthy progressive writers in Urdu.

While not working, Farha imagines herself to be a food historian and a travel and food writer. Farha has been translating texts from Urdu to English and English to Bangla and hopes to study the parallel and intersecting linguistic histories of these two modern Indian languages. She also manages to read elementary French and Arabic. She dreams of a linguistic revolution against the fascism of imposed fundamentality of monolingual globalisation.

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