Rakesh Jaggi

BTech, IIT Delhi President, Schlumberger

Rakesh Jaggi joined Schlumberger in 1992 in its Wireline divsion. As a field engineer he worked on challenging projects in Bombay, San-Fernando and Galeota (Trinidad) after which he was assigned to management positions in Yopal and Bogota (Colombia). As the Field Service Manager he was responsible for setting up the new Wireline base in Bogota. He managed the profitability of his division during the downturn in the oil industry in the late nineties as the Country Manager & Oil Field Services Manager for Wireline & Testing in Trinidad. As the Operations Manager for Mexico in 2000 he restored the profitability of the Wireline division in the country and led the division of the NSA geomarket from August, 2002 to 2004. He is currently the VP, Reservoir Production Group at the Abu Dhabi office of Schlumberger.

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