Anunaya Chaubey

Artist and Principal, College of Arts and Crafts, Patna University

Anunaya Chaubey is a well-known artist and Principal of the College of Arts & Crafts, Patna University. Dr Chaubey also teaches English Literature at Patna University.

A self-taught painter, he has had a few exhibitions of his paintings in India and Canada. Many paintings of his are to be found in private and public collections the world over. 

For his Doctoral thesis Dr Chaubey worked on Ezra Pound’s critical theories and practice. ‘The natural object is always the adequate symbol,’ is one of his favourite Poundean precepts. 

In 2008, he was invited by the Government of Mauritius as a Visiting Fellow to set up the department of Arts and Crafts at the Rabindranath Tagore Institute.

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