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Aparna Vaidik

Aparna Vaidik, the Associate Professor for History at Ashoka University delivered an eye-opening talk on the History of Kamasutra to the Young India Fellows. By way of the talk, she aimed to rid us of our misconceptions about the Kamasutra, as it being mainly a sex manual. In reality, the Kamasutra details how a man must conduct himself in different parts of his life. It is also a lot more liberal to women, considering it was written in a time when men were at the top of the hierarchy.

Aparna went on to elucidate that it was the romantic Orientalism view that the West held of us that had
led to warping of the Kamasutra in to its present form, stripped of everything but the part concerning intercourses. It also perhaps explains the Mughal pictures on a book that was written during the Gupta Age. The talk proved to quite a fascinating one, as everyone was exposed to new facets of this much-hyped book.

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