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The University is dedicated to providing students with plenty of activity outside the classroom. On campus, students will have access to world-class sports and fitness facilities, both indoor and outdoor, specialised trainers and coaches, as well as advanced sporting equipment. These efforts have been undertaken in order to promote a healthy lifestyle for students and staff for a sound mind requires a sound body. The Centre for Sports and Fitness is directed by Dr. Rajat Chauhan. The following sporting facilities are currently available on campus.

  • Grounds for track and field with a Cricket pitch
  • Football and Hockey fields
  • Outdoor courts for Basketball and Volleyball
  • Running and cycling tracks along the perimeter of the campus
  • Gym facilities at the Men's and Women's Residences

A state of the art indoor sports complex is under construction and is expected to be fully functional by August 2015. The complex will house:

  • A 25m swimming pool
  • Multipurpose courts for basketball and badminton
  • Two double squash courts
  • Facilities for Table Tennis and Billiards
  • Comprehensive gymnasium with latest equipment and training methods

Dr. Rajat Chauhan is a primary catalyst (founder) of Back 2 Fitness, a chain of Sports-Exercise rehabilitation centres, and also the founder & race director of La Ultra - The High (, the world's cruelest & highest ultra marathon - 333 km in Leh. He is a columnist with Mint newspaper for over 5 years, where his column is called Treadmill on Business of Life page. Besides that, he's a frequent columnist for Hindustan Times, and blogs for Forbes India. Currently he’s working on three books, one of which is on Getting Back to Fitness and addressing chronic diseases. Along with Prevention and Women's Health magazine, in Oct 2013, he spear-headed a programme called 'Couch to 6km' program to get women from all walks of life to pick up running and and get to 6 km. This group consisted of ladies from 13 to 60 years of age. In 2009, he co-founded 'Runners High' in Bangalore, a running institute with the intention of training people how to run properly without getting hurt. In mid 2008 he started his own venture called Back 2 Fitness, a musculo-skeletal (aches and pain rehab) medicine and sports & exercise medicine rehabilitation centre, which is now based in Delhi NCR. Dr. Chauhan has specialized in multi-modality approach ranging from posture correction, muscle balance, physical activity, floor and machine based exercises, acupuncture / dry needling, osteopathic medicine, deep tissue massage, myo-fascial release, mesotherapy, and a bit of psychotherapy. He was elect-Chairperson for World Congress of Science and Medicine in Cricket, which was held just before the 2011 Cricket World Cup in the sub-continent, but decided to quit courtesy the politics involved. He previously headed a London centre of Kieser Training, a Swiss-German chain of rehabilitation centres. He moved to India in 2006 to set-up a state-of-the-art Sports & Exercise Medicine department at Manipal Hospital, Bangalore. Dr. Rajat Chauhan has been running for last 29 years and in his spare time is a doctor specializing in Sports-Exercise Medicine (Queen's Medical Centre, Nottingham), Medical-Osteopathy and Musculo-Skeletal Medicine (London College of Osteopathic Medicine).

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