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At Ashoka, we aspire to create a new generation of student learners and leaders who are exposed to critical thinking, encouraged to pursue innovations and strive for excellence.  Student life on campus reflects the university’s commitment to imparting the best Liberal Arts education in the country. At this university, what happens outside the classroom is as important as what happens inside.  This feeds directly into the core values of The Office of Student Life (OSL), which are:
•    We believe that each individual is interesting and has much to offer
•    We support one another as we challenge our assumptions and strengthen our common values
•    We welcome differences in backgrounds, perspective and experience
•    We encourage expression of opinions, development of talents, and the collective pursuit of passions

The rich and diverse extra-curricular programmes create a space for a wide variety of intellectuals, aesthetes and performers to express themselves. The various clubs and societies help the debater, quizzer, athlete, heritage walker, painter, musician, dancer, writer, chef or filmmaker to emerge.

The year 2014 (the founding year) saw the creation of 6 societies and more than 16 clubs, all of which have added to the vitality, enthusiasm and culture on campus. The Office of Student Life has also built partnerships with organisations like SPICMACAY, INTACH, Blue Pottery Trust, Jaipur Virasat Foundation, Swechcha, etc., who have helped organise a variety of creative and intellectual programmes. A quick look at the calendar for the year gone by will show a range of activities - from weekly film screenings followed by critical discussions, to art installations across campus; from an opera performance by the western music group, to learning about heritage conservation through walks undertaken by the History and Heritage Society. While on the one hand, the Community Service Club launched a neighbourhood project with some of the villages around the campus, on the other there was a grand annual production by the Shakespeare Society along with the Theatre Society, Kirdaar.

In the founding year, the OSL also conducted and promoted Exposure and Outreach Programmes in an effort to fuse education and culture. By organising and facilitating educational field trips, this programme not only exposed students to a first-hand experience of the subject under study, but also gave them an opportunity for active participation in teamwork and sharing knowledge and information. Last year saw two such trips – to Mehrangarh Fort, Jodhpur and Sangam Forest Farm in Dharwad, Karnataka.

This is just the tip of the iceberg and a glimpse of what students at Ashoka can expect - read more on Clubs and Societies here.

Rashmi Singh is an accomplished educator with over 12 years of experience in the field of Education. Her areas of expertise include developing and implementing academic policies and programs, students’ welfare and interface initiatives. Through her teaching she has contributed extensively in liberal learning, innovations, and critical thinking. She is academically trained in Education and Sociology. She has been the author of development reports and academic papers. She received her Master’s and M.Phil. Degree in Sociology from Delhi School of Economics, New Delhi. Her passion lies in exploring creative expressions of Music, Art, Culture and Heritage and synergizing these with academic learning.

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